19 Custom Nerf Guns You Won’t Believe Are Legal!

Modded Nerf Guns You Wish You Had

Since the dawn of man, humans have always tinkered with things, anything really, attempting to make them unique, or “custom” made. Take tools, for instance. Henry F. Phillips was bored with having only one type of screwdriver available, so he tinkered with a boring old flat head screwdriver, and voila–a Phillips head screwdriver was born!

That’s just one example of someone modding a pre-existing object. Throughout history, people have customized or tinkered with weapons, vehicles, appliances (why toast two slices when you can toast four?) Obviously, computers have been modded, or hacked and “jailbroken”. We even mod our own bodies–inside and out–with crazy diets, tattoos, even spray tans and surgery. We’ve pushed things to their limits until they broke, blew our minds, or caused serious injury.

Now, in 2018, we have self-driving cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells, nano robots that can perform surgery, and affordable 3D printing, yet most people are still playing with Nerf blasters straight out of the box. Whaaaa???

custom nerf gun
Stock Nerf Disruptor in box. Yawn.


“But I like my foam blasters like I like my sandwiches. Plain.” You argue.

Hush, little child. I bet you prefer two-slice toasters too.

Thankfully, there’s an entire sub-culture of highly skilled people who love repainting and modding Nerf guns.

Some of them are kind enough to take commissions or sell their custom Nerf guns on eBay or Etsy.

Behold, feast your eyes on some of the most creative and outlandish customized Nerf guns the modding community has to offer. Some end up looking like real military firearms. Some were intended for steampunk inspired cosplay purposes. Others are movie props. Some are merely paint jobs for an external operation, while other blasters got their springs and power supplies replaced for some serious foam fire power.

Why limit yourself with customizing just one Nerf gun? Some modders have even merged multiple blasters together to make a brand new one. Like this gem from u/Thingymrbob.
custom nerf gun

And check out this super fast custom Nerf Mod. Wowzers!
It’s a Triple Rapidstrike Stampede w/ Roughcut integration by mag212
custom nerf mod
This dude makes insane nerf mods! This particular monster blaster was constructed out of 4 Nerf guns. It was gutted, painted, and super charged to fire a ridiculous 2700 darts per minute!

custom nerf gun
This’ll put ALL the eyes out.

Magnus Deadpool guns by KillingjarStudios

Here’s another customized beauty. Recognize anyone?
custom nerf gun
It’s as if everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth used foam darts instead of real bullets! Love the Wade scratched his name on them. Great attention to detail.

Custom Nerf Brainsaw
Sick paint job, brah! Really, the only thing left to do on this beauty is to swap out the plastic buzz saw for a real one! Eh…too much?
custom nerf mod

Up next is the Wyvern-05, by KingMakerCustoms. This is his personal Cyberpunk assault rifle. This is what happens when you leave a Nerf Longstrike and a Nerf Firefly in a room together for a long time with some Luther Vandross music on. This baby is very impressive to say the least!

custom nerf guns
Before, during…
custom nerf gun
…and After

Nerf Longstrike mod by Elandria

A gorgeous paint job makes this scoped rifle stand out from the crowd.
custom nerf mod
Now this baby weighs a ton! But it looks frag-tastic.

“Titan” by steam-pistols
custom nerf gun
If the Creature from the Black Lagoon was packin’ heat, it would be something like this cool Nerf Maverick mod. The best part is that it’s fully functional!

Steampunk era Nerf Maverick

custom nerf mod
Nerf Mavericks are some of the most popular blasters to mod. Check out that huge light, the pressure gauge, the long barrel (was that a candle holder?) and that tube-work! Very cool steampunk-inspired re-design of a good ol’ Nerf Maverick.

Rapid Strike by GregHeffner
Look at all those scopes and lights! You could probably see through walls with this thing!
custom nerf mod

The dual banana clip mags help to ensure you won’t run out of ammo so quickly.

Buzzbee Doubleshot via District 9 by KingmakerCustoms
custom nerf gun
Okay, so it’s technically not a modded Nerf gun, but a modded Buzzbee gun. Either way, it’s still tremendous.

Adorable Custom Nerf Guns

Nerf Applebloom by Gruntoks
And now for something completely different. Not all Nerf mods have to look deadly fierce. Some can be downright adorable.
custom nerf gun
“Pony blast! Pony blast!” Whoever wields this beast, must say those words with each shot. Originally a Nerf Pink Crush.

Kawaii Guns – Maverick by miss-octopie
While we’re in the quirky realm of customized Nerf blasters. Get a load of this one. I’ve never seen a Nerf Maverick quite like this. Love the details!
custom nerf mod

OK, Back to the “Cool” Modded Nerf Guns

Nerf Vortex Diatron by billy2917
custom nerf gun
Amazing brush detail! Really captures that weathered metal look. This bad boy fires discs instead of darts.

Custom Nerf Spectre by meandmunch
custom nerf gun
Ooohweee! Excellent work here. Check out the scope and the muzzle. And don’t get me started on the paint scheme. One of the very best. That’s why you’ve probably seen this one before on other custom Nerf mod lists. It’s too cool not to include.

Rebelle Courage Crossbow by KillingjarStudios
custom nerf mod
Hard to believe this used to be a “girly” crossbow. The pink and purple just had to go!

Scynavoid Impulse Gauss Gun by KingMakerCustoms
custom nerf mod
Since no one listens to CDs anymore, here’s a fantastic way to extend the life of a CD rack!

Hyperfire Fallout Vault by KillingjarStudios
custom nerf gun
Research has proven that blasters that light up are more enjoyable than ones that are not. Who am I to argue with research?

Nerf portal pistol by GirlyGamerAU
custom nerf gun

Does this fire anything besides portals? I don’t know, but it looks pretty rad!

Nerf Diatron: Halo Covenant Heavy Plasma pistol by Atropos907

The bright airbrushed colors might not be suitable for combat, but when you’ve go the guts to use this, colors don’t matter!

Over-powered custom Nerf mods

And of course, what modded Nerf list would be complete without a dangerously overpowered Nerf mod? (Kids, get your parents permission before attempting any crazy mods!) This one’s from Peter Sripol.
custom nerf mod

The cool thing about custom Nerf mods is that there are plenty of talented modders who are willing to mod a blaster for you–for a price. There a loads of custom Nerf guns for sale on eBay or Etsy too. Check ’em out.

Easiest Nerf Guns to Mod

But if you’re interested in getting into the world of Nerf mods, be warned, it’s highly addictive! For beginner’s, the easiest Nerf guns to mod internally are the Firestrike, Recon, or Strongarm. These models tend to have fewer moving parts inside, or they’re easiest to understand.

Good luck, and don’t forget–never touch the hot end of a solder!


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