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How to Find the Best Nerf Guns for Girls That Aren’t Lame

Don’t Let a Pink and Purple Nerf Gun for Girls Fool You, These Blasters Will Send the Boys Running

Who says that girls only want to play with baby dolls that tinkle, or plastic pregnant dogs that pump out puppies like candy? (Gross) Sure, some do, but there are plenty of girls who’d rather shoot Nerf darts into their annoying brothers!

Nerf guns are a must-have for any kid’s collection. “Girl” Nerf guns, “Boy” Nerf guns–it doesn’t matter. They all promote active play, teamwork, and hand-eye coordination. Netflix can’t do that. Not yet anyway.

Right up there with colorful building bricks, toy cars, and action figures, pretty much every kid would love to get a cool foam dart blaster for Christmas or their birthday. That includes girls too!

What was that? You didn’t know that Hasbro makes Nerf guns for girls too? Sure, they’re hard to find at the stores, but you can find them online, and this article will help you choose the best one for you or your daughter, niece, or granddaughter.

In this post, I want to share with you what I think are this season’s best Nerf blasters designed for girls.


I have two daughters who love spending time with me. Recently, I introduced them to the joys of firing Nerf darts, and now they’re hooked. That’s all they want to do! Drawing? Nope. Playing video games? No thanks. Eat lunch? Not hungry! “Can we please just have target practice?”

As a parent, I love bonding like this. What’s better than lining up a row of plastic cups or dolls across the back of the couch, running over to the other side of the room, taking aim, and knocking that plastic smile off Barbie’s face with fast-moving darts?

Nothing. That’s what.

My daughters love spending time shooting targets across the living room with me! Turns out, girls love Nerf guns just as much, if not more, than boys do!

There was one problem though. I got tired of having to share my blasters with them. (I mean…I bought them for me.)

They needed their own Nerf guns, designed just for them. The kind that fires foam darts that contain secret messages.

Hasbro realized this back in 2010, so they did a ton of research, and launched their “Rebelle” line of foam dart blasters targeted to girls in 2013.

These blasters and bows are adorned with shades of pink and purple (of course…sigh), decorated messenger darts, and names like “Heartbreaker” and “Sweet Destiny”, but they still pack a punch! The Nerf Rebelle line has clearly proven a success, since Hasbro keeps making them, and parents love to buy them!

Look At How These Nerf Guns for Girls Stack Up

As you can clearly see, these “girly” Nerf guns are designed for one thing—to scare off brothers who want to steal their sisters’ blaster! And, to fire decorative Nerf darts fast and far! (OK, two things.) They’re covered in what some might call “girly” bright colors, but you better believe they still perform just like the blasters for boys!

I admit losing a Nerf war to my daughters. (I was outnumbered! And the sun was in my eyes!) Once they got the hang of these easy to use blasters, like the Rebelle Combow and the Allegiant Blaster, there was no stopping them! Not even the neighborhood boys could help me out. They were too busy laughing at my pathetic attempts to dodge pink darts. Pro tip: One of the many benefits to playing with pink and purple blasters is that you won’t have to worry about the guys stealing your darts—most are allergic to anything pink! Thanks boys.

Keep reading to see for yourself the variety of blasters and crossbows that your daughter, granddaughter, or girlfriend would love to get this Holiday season. Gender stereotypes aside (warning: lots of pink and purple ahead), check out this handy list of the best Nerf guns for girls you can buy right now.

Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster

girl nerf guns

Now this is the toy your daughter has been missing! This bow blaster functions like a real bow, firing cushion tipped arrows. It comes with three message darts and a decoder to reveal secret messages, like “You have until the count of three to get out of my room, Sammy!” or “Next time, I won’t miss, Charley!” One of the handiest features is that you can store the quiver and message decoder on the bow. Definitely not your typical Nerf gun! But your kid isn’t the typical little girl!

Pros: Incredible range and power, works for right or left-handed users, sleek design

Cons: Some assembly required, not good for close quarters combat as these arrows are not soft!

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Nerf Rebelle Sweet Destiny Dart Blasting Revolver

girl nerf guns

A super stylish pistol, perfect for protecting your property! Equipped with five darts, this is easily one of the best blasters to use on the move. With an approximate range of 80 feet, they can run, but they can’t outrun their Sweet Destiny!

Pros: Easy one-handed operation, quick to reload, comfortable grip

Cons: Accuracy can be shaky, depending on the user and combat situation

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Nerf Rebelle Combow

girl nerf guns

The AccuStrike Series features the most accurate Nerf darts, and this rock star comes with 8 of them!

And the value! This is a TWO-IN-ONE blaster + crossbow! This means that with a simple button press, you’ve got more than one way to chase off your targets. Winner Winner chicken dinner!

Pros: Perfect for sharing with a friend, comfortable grips, can fire 2 darts at once

Cons: Difficult to be accurate with the bow

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Nerf Rebelle Angel Aim Mini Blaster

girl nerf guns


The compact gem comes with two darts, and is perfect for hiding in your purse or under a couch cushion. It’s very easy to load and fire, and super light-weight.

Pros: compact size great for sneak attacks, surprisingly powerful, perfect starter blaster for the younger ones

Cons: only holds 2 darts, consider getting the tactical vest to hold more ammo

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Nerf Rebelle The Divergent Series Allegiant Blaster

girl nerf guns

Look at that stunning design! It’s the epitome of cool. The best thing is that this blaster can fire twelve darts without having to reload! It also comes with Divergent-based stickers to decorate it however you want!

Pros: One of the best looking Nerf guns for girls, has 12-dart capacity, great firepower

Con: Some customers complained of jamming

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Nerf Rebelle Guardian Crossbow

girl nerf guns

This one is sure to make the boys jealous! But it’s harder and harder to find since it’s Hasbro no longer makes this model. But don’t worry, it’s still available from plenty of other sellers on Amazon! Parents rave that it’s so much fun (before their daughters demand it back), and fires darts farther than imagined.

Pros: High quality feel, attractive design, very accurate, great range

Con: Only holds 6 darts

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Bonus entry!

And for those of you who say, a blaster is a blaster, what difference does it make? Get this monster of a blaster for your daughter, niece, or better yet, mom, and watch the boys run!

Nerf Doomlands The Judge

Imagine the looks on everybody’s faces when they see your daughter/niece/granddaughter run into the room with this big bad beast and rain fire on all the boys! This mega-sized shotgun style blaster is best for close-quarters combat and also can be used as a shield! (or a battering ram!) One of the best features is that it comes with enough attachment points that you can use a sling or strap to help carry this bulky brute!

Pros – No batteries required, easy to use, high capacity (30 shots), able to fire almost any style of Nerf dart, has decent power

Con – Some assembly required, May spend more time reloading than firing, might be awkward for a little one to carry

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My Top Pick

Nerf Rebelle Combow

Nerf Rebelle Combow
Two for the price of one!

It’s hard to resist a two-in-one blaster that’s such a tremendous value for the cost. It’s a bow AND a blaster! (It’s equally as hard to resist such a punny name!)

Don’t forget…

Extra darts!

Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies Dart Refill Pack

girl nerf guns

Nothing is worse than running out of ammo in the middle of a family Nerf war. Stay equipped with plenty of these darts! If your daughter wants to send a message besides “Stay away” with a blaster, then she’ll need more of these!

Protective eyewear!

Nerf Rebelle Vision Gear

girl nerf guns

Safety first! No one wants to have a cyclops child, am I right? Protect those precious eyes!

Additional arrows!

Arrow Refill Pack

girl nerf guns

Those arrows go flying pretty far…and somebody has to go get them from waaay over there—oh, never mind. You’ve got these extra arrows! How convenient!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…Blasting Things

No matter how many outfits or accessories she has for her dolls, I’d bet your daughter wishes she could shoot a Nerf gun with you or her brother. (And sometimes, at her brother.) Fortunately, there are some great options from Nerf’s Rebelle series. These Nerf guns for girls are legit! Moms, you might as well pick one up for yourself.

The great thing about Nerf blasters is that there’s one (or twelve) for everyone. Nobody has to be left out–the whole family can join in the chaotic fun!

Let’s be honest. There’s no such thing as “girl Nerf gun” or a “boy Nerf gun” – they’re just blasters!

As the old saying goes, “Girl or boy, woman or man, the fun never stops when a blaster’s in your hand!”

(Full disclosure: That saying isn’t very old.)


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