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The Top 6 Cheapest Nerf Guns You Need For Your Office

These Cheap Nerf Guns Won’t Maim Your Paycheck

Looking for the most impressive, yet cheapest Nerf guns that will impress your boss and make your coworkers finally leave you alone?

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Tired of being laughed at by those over-compensating kids with big rapid-fire Nerf Blasters while they pelt you with an endless barrage of foam darts?

Sick of getting ambushed by coworkers showing off the latest blasters the size of a well-fed four-year-old?

Let me give it to you straight, and save you some time: The best cheap Nerf gun for office warfare is the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster. It gets the job done quick–no muss, no fuss! And you’ll still make it to your 3pm meeting. It’s pretty much the standard foam dart pistol.

nerf strongarm blaster
The standard Nerf blaster.

But if you’re like me, you don’t want to follow the crowd. You want your friends and rivals alike to stop for a second to see what blaster you’re packing. If you’re ready to try something else, and take the road less traveled—or in this case, the blaster less blasted, keep reading.

You Want to Play, Not Overpay

Does it bother you when yet another Nerf dart whizzes by your head, interrupting your flow as you try to craft the perfect email to your boss?

Makes you mad, huh?

Don’t get mad. Get slightly irked.

Then get even.

Not by calling HR—but by pulling out one of these bargain-priced gems listed below to put an end to their reign of office terror.

A cheap (not cheap looking–there’s a difference) Nerf gun in each hand tells your enemies, “I’m armed, and I didn’t need to spend my bonus check to fight back!”

Get yourself a couple of these inexpensive Nerf guns listed below, all under $15—and some on sale for under $10–you’ll always have an ace up your sleeve.

And by “ace” I mean “blaster”, and by “up your sleeve” I mean “in your hand, aimed at their mid-section for maximum efficiency, so take that, Jill from Accounting! I know you stole my food from the fridge! MY NAME WAS CLEARLY ON IT!”

I’ve listed these blasters in what is the second most important category, after price:

How many darts can be fired before I have to stop and reload?

Let’s face it. Stopping to reload is when you’re most vulnerable. The solution is to wear a tactical vest that holds a ton of foam darts for extra ammunition, or simply have extra Nerf guns nearby.

With the amount of money you’ll be saving on the blasters below, you could easily get two or three of them.

…Let’s jump right in!

Nerf Rebelle Rapid Red Blaster

Rebelle Rapid Red Blaster

Don’t let the pink and purple fool you. This inexpensive motorized beauty can defend your cubicle and send secret message darts from up to 75 feet away. Messages like, “Quit ignoring my e-mails,” or “I know you didn’t wash your hands in the restroom just now!”

Pros: Fires 12 shots in rapid fire, comes with 6 “Secret message” darts, very accurate

Cons: Dart range is slightly less than similar priced blasters

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

nerf strongarm blaster

The perfect combination of size, power, and low price. It’s the most popular blaster for a reason. Fires six shots of foam dart justice!

Pros: Fires quickly without jamming, Easy to reload with pop out spinning barrel, great value

Cons: Accuracy is just okay

Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

Office Nerf War
Disruptor and Jolt

The updated younger brother of the Strongarm Blaster that’s still easy on your wallet. Fires six shots. Great for disrupting boring Monday morning meetings! (“We’ll reach our quota in–” “Reach for the sky, Bob!”)

Pros: Excellent dart range, Great all-around sidearm

Cons: Will occasionally misfire

Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series FalconFire

Nerf Falconfire

One of the cheapest, yet most accurate Nerf blasters available! You could knock the paper cup out of the smug new guy’s hand, or even tag the power button on the conference room TV (do so at your own risk). Fires six shots before needing to reload.

Pros: Very accurate, Dart storage to aid quicker reloading

Cons: Slower than average rate of fire

While you’re at it, stock up on the Nerf Accustrike darts (these things are THE BEST!)

Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Blaster

Nerf Triad

The perfect wing-man! This is like one of those little guns that action movie villains hide in their waists, ready to catch the hero off guard. Fortunately for you, that trick is not likely to get you waxed by your cubicle mates. It costs a lot less, too.

Pros: Cheap price, Great accuracy, Perfect for younger kids,

Cons: Only holds/fires three darts

Nerf N-Strike Mega BigShock Blaster

Nerf Mega Bigshock

Tiny, but mighty! This wee one fires mega whistler darts, which pack a whallop! Definitely one of the cheapest Nerf guns on the market, but it’s no joke. Get one for each hand for double the fun!

Pros: Easy to conceal, Easy to reload

Cons: Only holds one dart

Honorary mention goes to the following non-Nerf blasters from Boomco:

halo unsc blaster

BOOMco. Halo UNSC M6 Blaster

It’s not technically a Nerf blaster, but it’s a sleek and inexpensive sidearm that demands attention. Also available in green—which represents the money you’ll be saving! Fires five darts before it needs reloading.

Pros: Cool design, Hard to break, Good for cosplay and duel-wielding, BOOMco. Darts feel higher quality than Nerf darts

Cons: Range is just okay

boomco halo covenant plasma

BOOMco. Halo Covenant Plasma Type-25 Blaster

Another non-Nerf blaster, but arguably the most fun of the bunch. Despite the low price, there’s nothing “cheap” about this alien baby! Fires some of the most durable air darts in the business. They seem to hurt a tad more than the standard Nerf darts.

Pros: Sleek design, Great power and accuracy, Halo fans will love this, great for dual-wielding

Cons: Fire. Reload. Fire. Reload. Not a fast shooter for run-n-gun style play

Cheap Nerf Blasters are the Gifts That Keep On Blasting

There’s no need to sell your kid’s beloved American Girl doll collection, or start a side gig as a Lyft driver if you want to surprise your foe-workers (I’m proud of that one) with a foam dart to the chest…or back, if you’re going to take the fight to them.

If you want a sure-fire (see what I did there?) way to wipe those cheesy grins off your tormentor’s faces, for less than the price of an over-rated sandwich combo from a food truck, these are the cheapest blasters that are absolutely worth a look.

And after you’ve humiliated your coworkers and subjugated your friends, they’ll start asking you to join them on their cubicle raids and ambush parties.

Say yes, and when their backs are turned…you strike! <pop-pop-pop!> Right in their backs!

Friendly foam fire is real. And it rarely leave a mark, (like some modded Nerf guns can.)

Returning foam dart fire is way better than reporting them to HR, and it’s a wonderful way to bond with people you only kind-of like.

These are some of the cheapest Nerf guns in the world, and they’re fantastic. (In case you’re wondering, my personal favorite is the Disruptor.)

Who knows, if you play your cards right, and aim right, you could get that promotion, instead of a pink slip and an empty box for your belongings. At least you’ve saved some money by not overspending on your Nerf gun collection!

Head over to Amazon and arm yourself. Your victims won’t know how much it cost you, but they’re the ones who’ll pay the price! Talk about foam dart destruction at a discount.

–If you’re trying to find the perfect Nerf gun for a girl, check out our guide here.



  1. The Falconfire accustrike gun is not inherently accurate, its the darts. so just buy a refill pack of the accustrike darts, or get some off brand ones
    these darts will be more accurate. no need to get the silly falconfire when just getting a pack of the darts that come with it will achieve the desired result.

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